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Diamond War Memorial

Diamond War Memorial

The Diamond War Memorial Project, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund commenced on 12th February 2007, uses a combination of the research of local historian, Trevor Temple, and the expertise of teacher and community facilitator, Mary McElhinney.

Through their collaboration, they have investigated the stories of the lives and deaths of the many people from and connected to the city of Derry/Londonderry who died as result of World War 1(1914-1918). They brought to life the misfortunes of the War Dead and passed on the information to all interested parties - such as community groups, schools and the relatives of those who were killed.

Although 756 names, of Nationalists as well as Unionists, are on the plinth at the Diamond War Memorial, some names have been overlooked. The research is on-going and by 2008, the Project gleaned enough information to present its findings to the wider community in the form of a Commemorative Diary, and a more comprehensive website.

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Project activity - We Have...

Conducted extensive research into the names of those on the Diamond War Memorial, located in the heart of the city, and expanded research on approximately 400 additional individuals who died during the Great War and have birth, work, educational, family and historic ties to the city and its immediate outskirts.

Formed a Management Committee and enlisted the voluntary help and expertise of an Advisory Group of knowledgeable and interested historians.

Used the media of internet, television, radio, newspapers and information leaflets to increase public interest and enhance awareness of the purpose of our project. The upshot has been a positive public response in the form of further information on the local Great War Dead.

Created both a Commemorative Diary and more comprehensive website, detailing our findings. The website allows additional information, photos, etc, to be added in the future, and corrections to be made if necessary.

Opened up the gates of the Diamond War Memorial, allowing citizens and visitors to peruse the names on the Memorial, and to lay flowers and wreaths.

Discovered that there is an almost 50/50 balance of unionist and nationalist names on the Diamond War Memorial, allowing it to be viewed by the citizens of Derry/Londonderry as a shared monument.

Won a Nationwide Regional Heritage Award, and been short-listed for a National Lottery Best Heritage Project Award.

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